The success of attaining your business goals depends on the performance of your business operations. If your IT environment is not properly configured to your requirements, you may be overpaying for resources you will never fully use.

With a detailed assessment of your IT environment, you can ensure your goals (e.g. productivity, security, mobility, performance, and cost savings) are supported by your technology.

Cogeco Peer 1 and WSM International are excited to offer you a free environment assessment coupled with a free migration* to Cogeco Peer 1 infrastructure! A comprehensive infrastructure assessment can help you identify existing risks and provide a clear roadmap for improvement.

Your evaluation will include:

  • An inventory of the current programs, services, and applications running in your environment
  • Details on CPU, memory, load average, and disk usage
  • Security recommendations (if applicable)
  • Cost savings calculation

Take advantage of this limited time offer to migrate to an efficient, and cost-effective environment and make sure your environment is optimized for 2018!